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We are excitedly working on our plans for Kindred Collective 2025, in the meantime here is more information about Kindred Collective 2024 at El Encanto Belmond in beautiful Santa Barbara, California 

Kindred is an event like no other. For the first time in the wedding and events industry, we hosted a group of 50% high-level planners and 50% high-level photographers / videographers for custom matched one-on-one sit downs, fine dining, and shared experiences. 


Gone are stuffy conference rooms and surface-level conversations. Kindred Collective is a time of genuine connection with no pretense. We are here to find lasting partnerships, friendships, and support while enjoying fine dining, group experiences, and premier wedding venues.

April 1-3 2024

April 1st

5:00     Cocktails and Bites

April 2nd

9:30     Breakfast Stations Sound Bath and Meditation

10:30   One on One Breakout Session 1

*Includes two 1:1 sit downs and transition time

11:30   One on One Breakout Session 2 

*Includes two 1:1 sit downs and transition time

12:30    Hour Break

*1pm Lunch Tablescape open for anyone who wants to take photos

1:30      Lunch & Musical/Dance Performances

3:00      One on One Breakout Session 3

*Includes two 1:1 sit downs and transition time

4:00      Cocktail Hour 

5:00      One on One Breakout Session 4 

*Includes two 1:1 sit downs and transition time

6:00    Hour Break

*6:30pm: Dinner Tablescape open for anyone who wants to take photos 

7:00    Dinner and Musial/Spoken Word Performances

9:00    Dessert Mingle and Farewells 

April 3rd

8:30      Horseback Riding 

11:30    Venue Tours and Wine Tasting


Attendees had the opportunity to have 8 one-on-one sit-downs with planners, photographers or videographers specifically curated to match them, their brand, and their goals. 50% of attendees were planners, and 50% were photographers/videographers. Planners met with planners, photographers met with photographers, and then planners and photographers met with each other. There were group opportunities to mingle and connect with other vendors who they may not have been matched with. They also had an opportunity to capture content of the day including the venue itself and the unique tablescapes. Attendance will continue to be capped at 100.

If you are invited to attend a future Kindred Collective Event you will receive an email with a form asking you questions about yourself and your company. You will also have the option of scheduling time to chat individually with Rebecca before the event so she can further get to know you. We will take the information we gathered to create your one-on-one matches.


Kindred Collective is invite-only to preserve our goal of intimately and intentionally connecting like-minded attendees 


 If you would like to be considered for an upcoming event, feel free to fill out your information on our interest list.



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